We got lost in a nostalgic longing for the past with Norwegian musician Silje Halstensen, known as Bendik.


cash is queen

Photo series for Daughter's 2019 Trend Report.

“All a bad bitch needs money” - Cardi B.

Read the Trend Report here!


jobb x - identity

JOBB X is an educational offering and career center for young adults, and is located under Antirasistisk Senter (Center Against Racism).

Daughter has designed JOBB X's new visual identity. The logo is a symbol of "the road ahead" and is a combination of the unknown "X" and the arrow's targeted path. It represents JOBB X as a path finder and the users opportunity to stake out a new course.



CokeTV is a YouTube series where we follow Anniken, Herman and Ola as they tackle various challenges from their bucket list.

Daughter worked as Prop Master and Unit Manager for CokeTV Norway, as well as film director and B camera.

Daughter also built the studio for CokeTV.



Ordnett is a digital dictionary service published by Kunnskapsforlaget.

Daughter has produced content and ads for Ordnett’s social media, with a main focus on Instagram.


Mental Helse

On behalf of Mental Helse (Norways largest mental health organization), Daughter has produced a film about the elderly, loneliness and mental health. The film is part of a larger PR campaign that focuses on a forgotten group that deserves greater dignity. The campaign got the named "We all need someone to talk to".


Gatemote guiden

Pro Sentret is Oslo Municipality’s service for persons who have experience with selling or trading sex. Pro Sentret is also the national centre of expertise. In Norway it’s legal to sell but illegal to buy sex.

In collaboration with Pro Sentret Daughter worked to focus on the violence sex workers are exposed to. Gatemote Guiden (Street Fashion Guide) introduced a serious thematics into the context of fashion and beauty - an everyday, easy-going format that many people have a relationship with.

In this ad we see a Norwegian blogger present clothing that might cause you harm if you do sex work; crossbody bags can be used to choke you and high heels can make it harder for you to run away from a dangerous client.


Pro sentret - identity

Pro Sentret is Oslo Municipality’s service for persons who have experience with selling or trading sex. Pro Sentret is also the national centre of expertise. In Norway it’s legal to sell but illegal to buy sex.

Daughter has designed the new visual identity for Pro Sentret. The existing logo was a natural staring point, as recognizability was important to Pro Sentrets users - many don’t speak or read Norwegian. Daughter also developed new photo material, trying to capture the reality of sex work Norway. We also design the new website



Telenor is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies with worldwide operations.

Daughter has produced content for use on Telenor's Facebook and Instagram. The brief included the concepts "Hold on to summer", "My Cloud" and "Everyday mobile safety", and Daughter has delivered photo, film and copywriting.


baby daughter

Baby Daughter is Daughter very own online store!

At we sell jewelry and accessories – everything designed by us at Daughter. Our main collection has been the SINT. jewellery collection. SINT. means ANGRY. in Norwegian. SINT. Is based on jewelry that is traditionally considered sweet and feminine; Words such as "Love" and "Happy" have been replaced with Norwegian curse words like "Føkk", and "Faen”, the equivalent of the english F word. Baby Daughter want to give women the leeway to showcase all the sides to their personality - not just the sweet and cute one.

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Å vende tilbake

“Å Vende Tilbake” (“To return”) is a Norwegian feature film from 2015. The film addresses the important theme of men and mental health.

Our mission was to create awareness and media coverage of the film in the weeks before the premiere. Secondly, we set a goal that the topic of men and mental health should be prominently featured in Norwegian media, and ultimately that men should feel free to open up about their problems and fine a community amongst each other.


Streets of oslo

In the photo series “Streets of Oslo” we explore contemporary youth and let us inspire by trends in street fashion, sexuality and gender bending.



Boys will be boys!


Hanne mjøen “Vanilla”

Hanne Mjøen is a young artist who delivers scandi-pop you will love.

In Hanne Mjøen's latest music video, Daughter was styling.