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Daughter is an innovative communications agency that always has women as its starting point. We create engaging and effective market communication tailored to your needs - where your customers are.

Did you know that women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing?

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Freshly squeezed!

Daughter work under two main pillars:

1:2 OBJECTIVE. By looking at communication from a female perspective, we meet the modern consumer regardless of gender. How women are referred to, what attitudes we have towards women and what values are associated with women are of interest to everyone in society - both women and men!

In our objective work, we focus on:

  • Eliminating everyday stereotypes around gender.

  • Equateing feminine and masculine values.

  • Portraying real and diverse women.


2:2 SUBJECTIVE. Daughter understands that women are not one homogeneous target audience, but instead we work actively to map the cultural, social and economic factors that define women's lifestyles. In order to effectively speak to a female audience, we use women's unique buying motivation and purchasing patterns as a starting point. This way we can reach women on their own terms

In our subjective work, we focus on:

  • Mapping out new female audiences.

  • Understanding what issues and topics women have on their cultural agenda.

  • Understanding the modern role of women in the home, at work and in society.


To provide the best possible assistance,
we offer services within:

Film and photography
Art Direction

Concept and idea development
Content development



Our collaborations are about creating changes that
are larger than just increased sales alone. They are about changing or developing attitudes, creating
new services and products - or about approaching traditional marketing untraditionally.


Daughter’s clients understand the importance of representation, and the impact that societys role models have on the next generation. We work with partners who can make a significant difference. Daughter's clients know that even small changes can be enough to show that you take women seriously.


Some of our clients:

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